Pose Like a Model in Your Engagement Photos!

July 11, 2019

Hey good lookin’! Feeling a bit nervous to be in front of a camera for your engagement and wedding photos? Well, that’s super normal – unless of course you’re a model or social media star. I’ve worked with hundreds of brides & grooms who feel the same way you’re feeling right now, and I can tell you this: after a bit of posing magic + pretty lighting + natural chemistry between them and their partner, they take one look at my pictures and exclaim, “How do you make me look so good?!” That, my dear, is what I’m about to tell you right now. The HOW…

Like I said, when there’s genuine affection between two humans it’s hard for them to not look adorable together. Even so, many couples need a bit of guidance on how to stand or sit together.

Here are some things you’ll hear me say during my shoots:

“Look at each other, pretend I’m not here,” “Whisper a secret in her ear,” “OK this is perfect! Just do a bit of dancing, spin her around.” All of these are cues to get you laughing, moving, and looking super natural. I encourage my couples to be as cuddly as possible. My favorite term for this, coined by my couple Louis & Andrea, is “cupcaking.” So yes, the more cupcaking the merrier. Remember, you create 90% of the magic. If you’re not exactly the cuddly type, don’t worry! This blog is for you.

Here are some posing tips to get you going:

  1. Always keep your hands on each other.
    Yup, you heard me! When you’re standing face to face, you can wrap your hand’s around your partner’s waist, neck, or even cup their jawline like you’re pulling them in for a kiss.
  2. Don’t let your hands dangle – this commonly happens in sitting positions, make sure to lay your hands in a resting position.
  3. Angles, angles! Unless I direct you to be squarely positioned to the camera, keep your body angled, bend your elbows, cross your legs or ankles, and tip your chin so that your jawline creates a beautiful angle.
  4. The more motion the merrier – brush your hand through your hair, make your partner laugh, walk, spin, dance, tickle, PLAY!

Because it’s easier to visualize, here are some foundational poses to begin with & build from…

1. Hands around neck or gently touching face

Ooh don’t these just make you feel so warm inside?! This is definitely one of my favorite styles of poses, and it’s so simple and natural! And one of the secrets of this pose is to show off your engagement or wedding ring! You can also place your hand on your partner’s chest to accomplish this, like you see below.

2. Straddling

Sounds funny but looks super hot! I love adding this pose into a couple’s shoot ’cause it definitely adds the heat. If straddling isn’t your thing, there’s other types of lifting & carrying that can be super cute, like these!

3. Lifting & carrying

Whether it’s carrying like a baby, piggybacking or Dirty Dancing! These poses give such a wild and playful feel.

4. Holding from behind

Who said this pose has to be reserved for prom? I love this pose because love feels secure & protected, like someone saying “I gotchu.”

5. Forehead kisses!

Yes please! With your foreheads together or one of you kissing the other’s forehead, it gives such a sense of peace and intimacy.

6. The Dip

If you’ve never dipped or been dipped, I will walk you through it. But the dip is all about dramatic effect!

7. Walking together

Literally the easiest pose you could do, right?! Just walk together holding hands and you’ll look amazing.

8. Dancing!

Even if you and your partner don’t normally dance, dancing is a really good way to get you laughing, playing together and you might be surprised at how natural you look!

9. Sitting together

No matter where we are, we can find a place that will make you look super cute just by sitting down! Just think of cuddling with your partner.

10. Just standing!

Sometimes all you need is something to lean on and boom – straight outta Vogue. I know you can channel your inner model!

Just BE YOU!

Remember that your most natural poses will come out when you are in your comfort zone. If you need music or wine along for our shoot, do it! If you want creative ideas on what to do or where to go, check out my next post. There’s really nothing to worry about, because YOU are IN LOVE and I am a professional at capturing LOVE. 😉


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