David’s Bridal is NOT Your Only Option…

September 19, 2019

Hello Brides!

Have you always dreamt of a gorgeous, unlike-any-other wedding dress? Samesies! It’s like the dress in my head doesn’t even exist, and when you search online, all wedding dresses start looking alike. The only unique ones you can find are over six grand, and then the ones in your price range are just “meh.” And I don’t want to be in the predicament of ordering a dress from Azazie or any online market and it not coming in time. And with the little time I do have I still have to get it altered and by the way, I have to find my own alterations lady. Mmm. No thank you. So I want to go to a real shop and get the full experience, but are David’s Bridal and the Wedding Shoppe Inc. really my only options!? Not anymore, sista!

a&be for the bride

Say goodbye to shops that still feature styles from the 90’s, and say hello to a shop that was created for the free-spirited, romantic and eclectic bride. I love A&BÉ because it’s down to earth. You’ll know who designed your dress, you’ll get to be up front about your budget, and you’ll have fun with your stylists – they’ll even pop champagne when you find your dream dress! And if it couldn’t get any more magical, check this out. A&BÉ has a mission of WOMEN supporting WOMEN far beyond the grand selection of your wedding dress! As soon as you land on a dress you will join a community of bad-ass babes, where a percentage of your dress + accessories is donated to non-profits that support women around the globe! Go soak up all the beautiful vibes on their website!

Heimie’s Haberdashery for the groom

Now, for your groom. Of course there’s Men’s Warehouse and Savvi Formalwear. But one shop that will compete well with the luxurious experience of its counterparts is Heimie’s Haberdashery. Located downtown St. Paul, this shop has been serving gentlemen with tailored fashion designs since 1921. Now, you’re probably wondering, what the heck is a haberdashery?! It’s just a fancy word that refers to a place that sells men’s clothing. But Heimie’s Haberdashery offers more than just customized men’s clothing. They have a full barbershop, coffee bar, and shoe-shine station inside so your man will be treated with class! And that goes for his groomsmen as well! In fact, some of the weddings I’ve shot have had the gents getting ready at the Haberdashery. It provides a GQ atmosphere and the men can enjoy drinks together while they get all dapper for the big day. Check ’em out.

Well that’s it for me my dears! If you end up going with a dress from a&bé be sure to let me know, there’s a fun gift I have for you!! <3