Including Your Furry Friend on Your Wedding Day

February 13, 2020

Calling all mamas of fur babies! Wouldn’t it be a total dream to have your pet accompany you on your wedding day!? I’m guessing some of you have already done a bit of online shopping for miniature formalwear! Cute, right? Whether you have a dog, cat, bunny, horse, hamster or alpaca, it is definitely possible to include your furry BFF on your wedding day! But before you get too head over heels about all the adorable ideas, there are a few things you need to consider.

3 Things to consider about pets + weddings!

1. Venue Pet Policies
A lot of venues have particular restrictions about pets. If you haven’t booked a venue yet, and it’s a non-negotiable to have your furry friend with you that day, then you can search for venues that allow pets. And guess what? I’ve already done some legwork for you in compiling a list of wedding venues in MN + WI that want your pets to celebrate with you! Check it out at the bottom of this blog!

2. Location of Venue
Is your venue in a city, or out in the country far away from any pet resources you may need? Does your pet do well in long car rides? Or is your pet allowed on an airplane if you’re having a destination wedding? (And don’t be quick to assume – I used to work for Delta and learned that even miniature horses are allowed in some cases!) If travel is involved, you’ll want to be sure to budget for that, as you’ll have a variety of pet fees from either airplanes, rental cars, hotels or venues. If your venue is close to home, or a friend’s home that’s willing to host your pet, then this makes things a lot easier!

3. Your Pet’s Personality
You know best – does your pet need to be home most of the time, cuddled up in its cozy spot? Will there be other animals at your venue that your pet might chase, or eat? Does your pet do well in new environments, or in large crowds of people? If you have a puppy that pees out of excitement you might want to reconsider having puppy there, because it will be excited aaallll day long.

How to Make it Come True!

  • Delegate a pet sitter for the entire day to be responsible for all of your pet’s care/needs: transportation, feeding, and of course cuddling!
  • Have your pet join you just for some fun photos before or after the ceremony
  • Have your pet in your bridal suite while you’re getting ready!
  • My favorite – give your pet an honorary role, like ring bearer or flower girl!
  • You could even have your furry soulmate be the one to walk you down the aisle!
  • The possibilities are endless…
  • Tips: have pet-friendly confetti because your pet might try to eat it
  • Inform your guests (through your invitation or wedding website) of your pet’s attendance so that anyone with allergies can prepare accordingly

Creative Alternatives

If the stars aren’t aligning for your pet to be present on your wedding day, there are still other ways to feel like they’re a part of your celebration!

  • Bring them along to your engagement photoshoot!!
  • Have your stationary designer sketch your pet into your save the date or invitations!
  • Have cute cake toppers representing your pet 🙂

Hope you all enjoyed some of the fun ways to incorporate your furry friend into your wedding celebration!


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